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LGBTQI+ - Fiction Little Mushroom books RESTRICTED MARKET - sales to US and Canada only Science Fiction & Fantasy - Science Fiction

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Little Mushroom: Revelations

ISBN: 9781956609998
Binding: Paperback
Author: Shisi, Translator: Xiao
Editor: Molly Rabbitt
Pages: 404
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 01/09/2023

Silver Award Winner of 2021's Xingyun Awards for Global Chinese Science Fiction for Best Original Novel

With the retrieval of his spore, An Zhe is closer than ever to being discovered as a xenogenic in the Northern Base. As dissident thorns borne from the Garden of Eden pierce through civilization's peaceful façade, An Zhe takes this opportunity to escape the human base once and for all.

Just one last obstacle stands in his way: Lu Feng. Facing against each other now as human and xenogenic, the two soon find their fates intertwined in this desolate land.

Meanwhile, despite all adversities, scientists are slowly unraveling the mystery behind the xenogenic mutations and the nature of their apocalyptic world—will this become the key to saving mankind or a damnation sealing its fate?

In this decaying universe, it is the tiny little mushroom who will witness humanity's final trial….



Shisi is a Jinjiang Wenxuecheng contract author who began serializing webnovels in 2016. Specializing in fantasy genre, Shisi has a dynamic writing style and has written xianxia, fantasy, sci-fi, and other stories. Her most famous work is Little Mushroom, and she has published other titles such as Cultivating in C++, The Cat's Rose, and Zhezhu. Many of her works have been licensed for multimedia adaptations as well.