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In the Dark: Volume 2

ISBN: 9781736500965
Binding: Paperback
Author: Jin Shisi Chai
Illustrator: Carm
Pages: 586
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 12/22/2021

Secrets and lies begin to swallow Xie Lanshan's sanity as he continues to navigate the mystery surrounding his unanswered question of "Who am I?"

The mass kidnapping case permeates the news and Xie Lanshan is on the mend. He's won the heart of ice-cold Shen Liufei, and things are finally starting to look up for the young police officer. A promise to start living together is the glimmer of light he's been searching for in the dark.

Until Song Qilan shuts Xie Lanshan out of her life and her son's, unable to give a reason why. Her final mental health assessment of him relegates him to traffic duty and the distance between them widens from a stream to a gulf. Meanwhile, Shen Liufei is entangled with an attractive doctor from the United States in a way that Xie Lanshan can't understand.

Unbeknownst to Xie Lanshan, his ex-lover, his new lover, and his former captain are all aware of a terrible secret--that they will keep at all costs.

With ever-increasing headaches bringing a constant sense of pain, nothing feels right to a man who puts everything on the line for his country. Xie Lanshan is unable to shake the terrible memories which keep surfacing that can't possibly belong to him. And yet, an uncanny notion lingers that something sinister lies beneath his surface. He tries to keep his chin up, but a murder upends his life once more.

Will Xie Lanshan regret discovering the answer to his question?


Renowned and popular webnovel author in China, graduate of Tongji University in Shanghai and a member of Shanghai's Writers Association. Famous works include Lip GunIn the Dark, and Gentries of the City. Jin Shisi Chai is known for her sharp writing, deep insight into social topics, and unique style of prose that earned her a loyal following of readers on social media. Many of her works have sold adaptation rights in China from film to webcomics. Live action drama In Darkness, adapted from her most popular mystery and thriller novel In the Dark, is scheduled to air on China's Hunan Television channel soon.