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In the Dark: Volume 3

ISBN: 9781956609042
Binding: Paperback
Author: Jin Shisi Chai
Translator: Beans
Pages: 400
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 09/25/2023

Mu Kun has returned. In the midst of the scramble to hunt down the feared drug lord, Xie Lanshan receives a sudden suspension from his post. He finally finds the answer to his persisting question, but the truth costs him everything. Shen Liufei leaves the country, and Xie Lanshan chases after him in desperation.

A friend's disappearance coincides with an idol's kidnapping case overseas, and members of the Blue Fox make their appearance in the same country. Fueled by the desire to solve this case and reclaim his captain's honor, Chi Jin makes contact with the enemy in an attempt to break the stalemate.

With the secret of his identity unveiled, only one thing remains that holds Xie Lanshan's spirit together. He must find out who killed his father.


Renowned and popular webnovel author in China, graduate of Tongji University in Shanghai and a member of Shanghai's Writers Association. Notable works include Lip and Sword, In the Dark, and Gentries of the City. Jin Shisi Chai is known for her sharp writing, deep insight into social topics, and unique style of prose that earned her a loyal following of readers on social media. Many of her works have sold adaptation rights in China, from film to webcomics.