Workplace Culture

  • A Million Dollars in Change

    Purchase ten or more copies and get a 20% discount at checkout. Is it possible to change the world one company at a time? Absolutely and this book will show you how. Whether you're a CEO a human resources professional or a leader dedicated to making a...

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  • Customer Experience Management

    We are passing through a paradigm shift and surviving in this upcoming paradigm doesn't seem possible through traditional marketing and management strategies. Today being brand is not a privilege any more there are dozens of reliable brands almost in...

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  • Jas

    Travel humor romance diverse cultures and a fascinating career &ndash Jas is a memoir unlike any other. Jas Singh is a globetrotting health and safety expert whose implausible journey from a dusty village in Northern India to the pinnacle of the...

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  • Leading People Safely

    SAFETY IS THE CORNERSTONE for excellent operations but it is often marginalized and relegated to dense handbooks that are ignored by employees. James T. Schultz and Brian L. Fielkow instead offer a straightforward how-to guide for maximizing...

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  • Robert's Rules of Innovation II

    In Robert's Rules of Innovation II: The Art of Implementation innovation thought-leader Robert Brands introduces readers to the best and most recent thinking of his international network and shows how to permanently implement a culture of Innovation in...

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  • The Employee Experience

    The Employee Experience: A Capstone Guide to Peak Performance is a book about people-celebrating people appreciating people letting them be heard engaging them in meaningful ways and leading them to greatness. A superior employee experience is the...

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  • The Power of Openness and Trust

    In this book we follow the developmental process of a top management team from being trapped in dysfunctional behavioral patterns like "He who sees the problem becomes the problem" "Describing shortcomings as if they were virtues" and "Ruthless...

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  • The Soul of Family Business

    The Soul of Family Business by Tom Hubler takes readers on a journey throught the heart and soul of family business. Using case studies from his more than thirty-five-years as a family business consultant Hubler explores what it takes to run a...

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  • This Is Now Your Company

    For fifteen years Mike Rognlien has learned from some of the best (and some of the . . . not best) people in the corporate world. His tenure at Facebook as a consultant to Microsoft and at numerous other companies-from insurance to banking to Silicon...

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  • Trust Rules

    Who can you really trust? Business behavior expert Linda K. Stroh provides a collection of lively stories and lessons learned in the trenches to help you do a better job sorting out the "good guys" from the "bad guys" in your work and life.About AuthorDr...

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