Business Careers

  • Fearless Leadership Fearless Leadership

    Fearless Leadership

    Leaders at every level in all organizations find themselves in situations where their buttons get pushed and they start reacting to a situation rather than responding effectively. The key to continuing to be successful as a leader is to recognize the...

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  • From the Other Side of the Desk

    From the Other Side of the Desk

    If you're in the market for a new job you're probably also in the market for some sage advice on how to polish up your skills and differentiate yourself from the competition. From the Other Side of the Desk: A Practical Guide to Shortening Your Job...

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  • Into the Boardroom

    Into the Boardroom

    Into the Boardroom identifies the six qualifications common to successful candidates for a director's seat and explains how today's successful businessmen and women can get their first seat on a corporate board. Until recently America's boardrooms have...

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  • Master the Matrix

    Master the Matrix

    You’re in a matrix whether you realize it or not. The test: Do you have multiple bosses? Do you depend on a variety of resources throughout the organization to get your tasks done and do these resources report into other people or teams? If you...

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  • Power Your Career

    Power Your Career

    Tactful self-promotion is an extraordinarily useful-in fact crucial-career competency relevant at any stage. This book is for you if you're: &bull new to your career striving to establish a reputation in your profession. &bull at mid-career...

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