• A 1 000-Mile Great Lakes Island Adventure

    A 1 000-Mile Great Lakes Island Adventure

    In the final book in her Great Lakes Adventure trilogy Loreen Niewenhuis launches off the shoreline to explore the islands of the Great Lakes Basin. From hiking the rugged wilderness of Isle Royale in Lake Superior to strolling the metropolis on...

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  • A 1 000-Mile Great Lakes Walk

    A 1 000-Mile Great Lakes Walk

    This book chronicles Loreen Niewenhuis's latest adventure: a second 1 000-mile walk this time along stretches of the shorelines of all five Great Lakes. The book takes the reader on a ground-level walk through the beauty the history and the tender...

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  • Adventures Around Cincinnati

    Adventures Around Cincinnati

    This updated and expanded bestselling travel guide is packed with detailed listings on over 120 unique destinations to discover with your family. It contains the tools you need to start a new tradition of Adventures and give your kids the gift of...

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  • Amazing MN

    Amazing MN

    With less than 2% of the nation's population Minnesota is a model for prosperity creativity and quality of life. This is a book about Minnesota. It's not the usual tourism hype about Paul Bunyan or the best bed-and-breakfasts. It's about the fabric of...

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  • The Early Resorts of Minnesota

    The Early Resorts of Minnesota

    As Minnesota's tourism expanded beyond the hotels along the Mississippi and early railroad lines small family resorts emerged. They catered to the simple pleasures of an outdoor enthusiast: a good fishing lake a passable road and a lodge with a cabin or...

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  • The New Minnesotans

    The New Minnesotans

    For more than two decades Minnesota has seen a new wave of immigration from disparate areas of the world including Eastern Europe Mexico Central and Latin America Africa and Southeast Asia. Gregg Aamot who has been covering immigration in Minnesota since...

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