• A 1 000-Mile Great Lakes Island Adventure

    A 1 000-Mile Great Lakes Island Adventure

    In the final book in her Great Lakes Adventure trilogy Loreen Niewenhuis launches off the shoreline to explore the islands of the Great Lakes Basin. From hiking the rugged wilderness of Isle Royale in Lake Superior to strolling the metropolis on...

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  • A 1 000-Mile Great Lakes Walk

    A 1 000-Mile Great Lakes Walk

    This book chronicles Loreen Niewenhuis's latest adventure: a second 1 000-mile walk this time along stretches of the shorelines of all five Great Lakes. The book takes the reader on a ground-level walk through the beauty the history and the tender...

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  • A Brief History of Tassajara

    A Brief History of Tassajara

    A look at the history of Tassajara Hot Springs for millennia used by Native Americans who went there to cure their ills. In the 1800s the Spanish came then trappers and homesteaders. First accessible only by foot or horse a road was cut through the...

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  • Adventures Around Cincinnati

    Adventures Around Cincinnati

    This updated and expanded bestselling travel guide is packed with detailed listings on over 120 unique destinations to discover with your family. It contains the tools you need to start a new tradition of Adventures and give your kids the gift of...

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  • Adventures of a World-Traveling Scientist

    Adventures of a World-Traveling Scientist

    Envision a pack of hungry dingoes circling your tent at night and baseball-bat fights with crocodiles Down-Under. Imagine avoiding political danger while trying to cure a virus in rural China. Experience fending off local madmen in Morocco and chasing...

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  • Amazing MN

    Amazing MN

    With less than 2% of the nation's population Minnesota is a model for prosperity creativity and quality of life. This is a book about Minnesota. It's not the usual tourism hype about Paul Bunyan or the best bed-and-breakfasts. It's about the fabric of...

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  • Attitudes At Every Altitude

    Attitudes At Every Altitude

    Welcome on board for a close-up view of airline travel today based on real-life miles flown written by a flight attendant with experience in excess of 7 million miles. Over 300 humorous situations are covered in Gregg Proteaux's compilation of...

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  • By the Way

    By the Way

    In By the Way John Toren offers an eclectic portrait of modern life in essays ranging in subject from river-running to pre-Columbian astronomy with stops along the way at a World Press conclave a naturalists' convention a concert pianist's master class...

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  • Coffee Story: Ethiopia

    Coffee Story: Ethiopia

    A food crop. Its nation. Their new history. Coffee Story: Ethiopia a tale from the country where coffee began. It's the twenty-first century and Ethiopia in the global consciousness is shedding its history of drought famine and war. It's doing so by...

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  • Crossing the Wake

    Crossing the Wake

    Crossing the Wake: One Woman's Great Loop Adventure follows the waterlogged travels and travails of a woman willing to risk it all in a quest to bring some adventure to her life. A beautifully honest account of riding the waves of a journey both...

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  • Cycling the Katy Trail

    Cycling the Katy Trail

    The definitive guide to a crown jewel in the American rail-trail system sharing the trail from the perspective of the touring cyclist. A thorough trail guide and description for the cyclist who plans to ride the Katy Trail plus a journey story that...

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