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  • A Memory of Shadows

    A Memory of Shadows

    A retired itinerant construction guy and life-long "social observer" mines his 40 years of Daily Journals and his "Memory of Shadows" telling tales of People of the Ice in Arctic oilfields and of...

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  • Alone


    "Alone/For All Those Who Grieve is a collection of poems and prose about coping with the strain of caregiving and grief and healing after my dementia-stricken wife’s long goodbye. It is written...

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  • Asphalt Warrior

    Asphalt Warrior

    In New York City's business districts billion of dollars are traded everyday and power deals are closed every minute. Within the hundreds of skyscrapers there are dedicated messenger centers that...

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  • Customer Experience Management

    Customer Experience Management

    We are passing through a paradigm shift and surviving in this upcoming paradigm doesn't seem possible through traditional marketing and management strategies. Today being brand is not a privilege any...

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  • N


    Willie Easelman 86 born in Brooklyn and a perennial finalist in the American Dream Sweepstakes is committed to the Morningside Nursing Home by his daughter Anna. Cunning despite his dementia Willie...

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  • Every Man Did His Duty

    Every Man Did His Duty

    Finalist 2013 Minnesota Book Award Minnesota The First Regiment Minnesota Volunteer Infantry was the first volunteer regiment offered in service to President Lincoln after the fall of Ft. Sumter...

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  • Hispanic Profiles of Victory

    Hispanic Profiles of Victory

    Hispanic Profiles of Victory is a book about how everyday citizens of Hispanic descent have overcome obstacles to find success in America. This is a basic concept among Latinos - that they can find...

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  • Journeywell


    - If you are looking for a practical guide to help you review what has been important thus far in your life and what is important to you now…. - If you want to create a lifestyle that fits...

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  • Messenger Poet

    Messenger Poet

    The Messenger World has influenced the founding of the graffiti arts movement urban streetwear the ubiquitous messenger bag accessory and the growing fixed gear bicycle craze. Messenger Poet...

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