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  • Immortalized in Bronze

    Immortalized in Bronze

    The 152 page hardcover tells this stories of more than 130 members of the Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame one of the first state halls in the country. Bronze plaques of the Hall members hang in the Walk of Fame in downtown Milwaukee. Established in 1951...

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  • Minnesota Twins through Memorabilia

    Minnesota Twins through Memorabilia

    Minnesota Independent Publishers Award Winner! Best Recreational Sports Book 2014 Winner! Best Interior Layout 2014 (John Toren)Winner! Best Book for Photography 2014 (Jerry Stebbins)In the pages of this unique book the story of the Minnesota Twins is...

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  • Minnesota Vikings Trivia

    Minnesota Vikings Trivia

    For more than half a century the Minnesota Vikings have treated local pro football fans to the gamut of human emotion filling them with pride with their regular-season consistency and heartache with their playoff flops. Through it all from Tarkenton...

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  • Paracord Project Inspirations

    Paracord Project Inspirations

    Paracord Project Inspirations (PPI) is another impressive addition to bestselling author J.D. Lenzen's growing catalog of paracording instruction books. Showcasing twenty-five carefully chosen classic and original knots and ties its focus is stylish and...

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  • Powered By Hope

    Powered By Hope

    Powered By Hope reaches across boundary lines and speaks directly to our humanity touching upon some of the most universally relevant subjects in society: addiction alcoholism cancer death and faith. With an engaging narrative Teri Griege - with...

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  • The Pilgrim Way

    The Pilgrim Way

    A complete description of the logistics route and details of a journey across America on a bicycle. The Pilgrim Way is an essential guide for those planning long-distance touring in general or a cross-country trek specifically. Written for the cyclist...

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  • The Twins in the Dome

    The Twins in the Dome

    Buy an autographed copy!"The Dome was our signature." -Torii Hunter "The Dome was alive and it was loud." -Corey Koskie "A lot of spooky stuff happened in there." -Kent Hrbek From 1982&ndash2009 the Twins called the Metrodome their home. During that...

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  • Unintended Impact

    Unintended Impact

    After suffering concussions in high school and college Dick struggled unknowingly with the onset of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) dementia. For decades he fought the demons trapping him in an ever-shrinking world: diminished short-term memory ...

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