Self Help

  • Live More Work Better

    Gayle Hilgendorff had it all. But after twenty-one years in HR for a Fortune 500 company she realized that her stressful "work/life" balance held a lot more work than life. So she did something about it-not by giving it up but by having more. Gayle...

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  • Low Man on the Totem Pole

    For many of us the thought of work brings to mind a daily nine-to-five grind reporting to disinterested supervisors and "working for the weekend." You probably enter the office feeling disenchanted counting down the minutes until 5 p.m. Whether this...

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  • Make Unstoppable Simple

    FAQ's about Make Unstoppable Simple: 1. Who is this book for? Aspiring professionals who want to accomplish more. 2. How is this book different? A hybrid memoir of personal and professional stories tips and the "Unstoppable" system to move boldly...

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  • Mana Gardening

    Two top-level research scientists living in one of the most beautiful places in the world found themselves struggling to be happy. Their search for the essence of true happiness led them to an ancient Hawaiian inner garden concept that empowers the...

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  • Mark Of An Eagle

    This book is about how you will leave your mark on the world. It is about discovering the purpose for which you were created and how to fulfill that purpose. It is about the vision you have for your life and how to bring that vision into reality. It is...

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  • Meant-to-Be Moments

    The belief that an incident is "meant to be" is held by people from various faith traditions ranging from "spiritual but not religious" to devoutly religious individuals. These believers want to understand the meaning of their experiences especially...

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  • My Story

    My Story: Blogs by Four Military Teens is a series of blogs by four military teens that highlights their feelings and experiences before during and after parental deployment. It provides support and education for all military teens and pre-teens by...

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  • No Rehearsal

    When I became an adult at age five I accepted my role in the drama called No Rehearsal: A Memoir-the person in charge. Would that timid but bossy little girl lips chapped red up to her nose mouth covered in fever blisters recognize the sassy ...

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  • Obsess to Success

    When Cindy Koebele started her title insurance business in the midst of the housing market crisis she knew she was taking a risk. But a decade later her business is thriving and continues to grow. What's her secret? Cindy attributes it all to the power...

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  • Outburst

    The anthology will serve as a manual taking readers through the healing journey of difficult times in life. It allows readers to discover that though life becomes difficult and lonely at times there are many people that go through similar situations...

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