Self Help

  • Destination Earth

    "Travel is the departure from one's little pond. It is the bold renouncement of the petty comforts that hold us prisoner. It is a movement away from the known towards the unknown and unimaginable. Travel is expansion widening opening-up&hellip" After...

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  • Don't Jump! It's Only a Bump

    Don't Jump! It's Only a Bump was written with one goal in mind: to offer a solution to men and women who suffer from depression and thoughts of suicide. The solution proposed has helped many some of whose stories I've included in this book.Every chapter...

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  • Dream Me Awake

    What is success and who defines it? Doreen Johnson built the perfect traditional life for herself: a high-powered career a husband children and a home to call her own. It was everything she always thought she wanted . . . but something was still...

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  • Eight LeaderTypes in the White House

    What makes someone a great leader? Global leadership expert Cash Keahey believes you have much in common with a great leader no matter who you are. Keahey focuses on leadership lessons from eight &lsquogreat' or &lsquonear great' occupants of the White...

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  • Energize!

    The book ENERGIZE! Explains to the reader How to Stay Motivated and Succeed in Busines Sports and Life.About AuthorJess Rodriguez has been in sales for 49 years and shares insights for a successful career for one that may be interested in sales ...

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  • Finding My Way

    Winner of the ForeWord Magazine'sBook of the Year Award Finding My Way: A Teen's Guide to Living with a Parent Who Has Experienced Trauma is an invaluable tool in the hands of those so often forgotten in dealing with trauma: the teenagers who are...

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  • Fitness Frauds

    The multi-billion-dollar fitness industry is bulging with lies and empty promises and the unhealthy secrets are about to be revealed. In Fitness Frauds: Exposing the Truth About Drugs Lies and Flex Appeal author Bobby Whisnand pulls no punches as he...

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  • Five Essentials to Be Your Best You

    As the first book in the Realizing Your Greatest Potential series Five Essentials to Be Your Best You introduces you to the fundamental tool for improving yourself and pursuing your goals: the five essentials checklist. The experiences of many years of...

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  • Give Thanks

    "Gratitude gives us eyes to see God Earth beauty love joy abundance. Everything we never knew was right there in front of us waiting. We just needed gratitude to open our eyes."- Josie Robinson As Josie Robinson's bestselling book The Gratitude...

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  • Head vs. Heart

    As the second book in the Realizing Your Greatest Potential series Head vs. Heart: 3 Steps to Your Best Choice resolves the dilemma of choosing between your head and your heart in order to attain your most desired goals. With the three-step formula that...

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  • Healing

    More than ever the world needs a message of healing. Healing offers radical self-care as a salve to help you hold heartbreak and hope. When you're an emotional laborer healer activist community leader or voice for change the burden of oppression ...

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