Self Help

  • A Caring Community

    A Caring Community

    This compelling story of The Retreat told by Damian McElrath and John Curtiss should give us all hope that recovery from alcohol and drug dependency can be affordable accessible and effective for all who need it. This time-tested "caring community"...

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  • A to Z Healing Toolbox

    A to Z Healing Toolbox

    When grief and trauma come barreling into life how does one restore renew and rebuild a new sense of self?What does one do after hopes dreams assumptions and core beliefs have been shattered? Social worker and educator Susan Hannifin-MacNab tackled these...

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  • Addiction Is the Symptom

    Addiction Is the Symptom

    In Addiction Is the Symptom Dr. Rosemary Ellsworth Brown offers a deeper approach to the 12 Steps by digging beyond our addictions--our symptoms--to heal the real problem: emotional dependency. It worked for Dr. Brown herself and it's been working for...

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  • Addiction: From Suffering to Solution

    Addiction: From Suffering to Solution

    In Addiction: From Suffering to Solution Dr. Joseph J. Bradley M.S. D.C. DACACD shares the heart-wrenching and compelling story of his own daughter's journey through addiction and eventual recovery. He then presents his in-depth knowledge of the genetic...

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  • And Then She Was Happy

    And Then She Was Happy

    When accomplished divorce attorney Kristi Skordahl unexpectedly finds herself facing her own divorce she feels lost. All of her legal knowledge and experience seem entirely irrelevant to the pain she is experiencing. She struggles through the process...

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  • Be the Exception

    Be the Exception

    For a long time Annie Meehan felt she was worthless. She thought that she would never be able to escape the cycle of negativity poverty and abuse that she had grown up in. But even in the darkest times she knew deep inside that she was created for...

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  • Believe In Yourself

    Believe In Yourself

    The book Believe in Yourself is a motivational book that will help anyone learn the secret to success. And the book is designed to be a simple read and a thought provoking book to get someone to look at themselves and see if their self esteem and self...

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  • Better with Age

    Better with Age

    Offering a whole new approach to "use it or lose it " Better with Age moves way beyond crossword puzzles Sudoku or computer games. With over 70 color illustrations this compact no-nonsense book describes a proven strategy for taking charge of your brain...

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  • Beyond Grit

    Beyond Grit

    In Beyond Grit Cindra Kamphoff reveals the ten practices that the world's best use to gain the high performance edge. Kamphoff shares the tools and strategies she's taught executives entrepreneurs NFL ProBowl athletes Olympians college athletes and...

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  • Big Girls Do Cry

    Big Girls Do Cry

    Big Girls Do Cry is the story that Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons fans have been waiting for a look into the glitz and the glory that was the Jersey Boys' story as witnessed by one of the group's biggest fans. In the tradition of scandalous...

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  • Choosing Higher Ground

    Choosing Higher Ground

    Too many businesses today are wrapped up in the transactional economy-the place where standards are flexible and relationships last only as long as it takes to make the sale. But there is a better way. Corporate cultures are changing embracing a new...

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