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Your Treasure Hunt

ISBN: 9781592983209
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Katherine Schneider
Pages: 32
Published: 7/24/2005

Here's a warm and honest portrayal of the treasure hunt of getting through life for young children with disabilities to enjoy with an adult. All children face obstacles on their lives' treasure hunts. However there are difficulties for children with disabilities that other children don't experience (such as working extra hard on normal tasks being teased and gaining the courage to ask for help). Constructive ways of dealing with the frustrating parts of having a disability are featured in this book as well as techniques for building a positive self image. This book emphasizes that all children can find both small and big treasures on their lives' treasure hunts. A resources section gives suggested books and websites for parents and caregivers.

Katherine Schneider has been blind since her premature birth in 1949 and has had fibromyalgia for over ten years. She was the first blind student to graduate from the Kalamazoo Michigan public school system. Three years later she graduated with honors from Michigan State University with a BS in psychology. After receiving her PhD in clinical psychology from Purdue University she worked at four universities teaching counseling supervising and administering university counseling services. She has won awards for her professional work from the Courage Center and the University of Wisconsin System Regents among others. In retirement she has published her memoir. To the Left of Inspiration. Adventures in Living With Disabilities serves on community boards and gives access issues presentations to groups of all ages. She's the originator of the American Library Association's Schneider Family Book Awards for children's books with disability content.

She enjoys playing bridge reading thrillers and being a Red Hat. Katherine is proud to have been a Seeing Eye dog user for the past thirty-five years.