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You Might Be Raising an A**hole If . . .

ISBN: 9781949194005
Binding: Paperback
Published: 11/30/2018

Nobody starts their parenting journey in hopes of raising an asshole. Far from it. Parents want to raise confident, happy, independent kids who grow up and do great things. 

In You Might Be Raising an A**hole If . . ., Sarah Anderson and Katherine Quie draw on their personal and professional wisdom as mothers and clinicians to illustrate over one hundred parenting faux pas that speak to the complex job of raising children in this crazy, electronics-obsessed world. They’ve also included thoughtful words of wisdom to inspire and energize parents and give HOPE.

This book will help parents learn to: 

  • Say no and mean it
  • Stop tolerating crappy behavior
  • Raise confident kids
  • Trust your gut (if it feels excessive, it probably is)
  • Get back to the basics (yes, writing thank-you notes is still important)
  • Stop over-parenting and take back your guilt!


Sarah Anderson and Katherine Quie are moms and mental health professionals. They practice in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


“Kudos to Sarah and Katherine for having the guts to write this book and enlighten all of us on the faux-pas parenting skills that we have ignorantly embraced. Straight talk . . . with humor! This book is a wake-up call for all parents so that we can begin raising our children to be kind, caring, engaged members of society. A must-read!” —Dawn Schulberg

“This book is a MUST-READ for all parents who are interested in understanding how their parenting impacts their children.” —Brenda Hartman, MSW, LICSW