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Wild Rice for All Seasons Cookbook

ISBN: 9781932472264
Binding: Spiral bound
Author: Beth Erickson
Pages: 176
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 4/29/2022

Wild rice has been harvested for centuries in lakes, streams, and rivers by the American Indians living in the northern tier of what is now the central United States. It was the cereal-grain component in a diet consisting largely of game, fish, nuts and berries. By the 1970's, wild rice had emerged as a cultivated grain in Minnesota that could be marketed throughout the year. Wild Rice for All Seasons Cookbook was created at that time to explain the basics about this nutritious grain, and to explore and encourage its use in all seasons—not just at fall game dinners and holiday celebrations.

From its first publication in 1977 through the 2022 printing Wild Rice for All Seasons Cookbook has sold more than 150,000 copies, and its recipes have been used in kitchens and reproduced in publications throughout the world. Wild rice is now commercially grown in several states, Minnesota and California being the main producers. Although it is marketed in many combinations with other rices and grains, it is the pure, 100% wild rice that continues to delight those who fully appreciate this hearty, healthy, aquatic grain.

Beth Anderson graduated from the University of Georgia and began a career with the Pillsbury Company. Later, as a food writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune's award-winning Taste section, she became interested in wild rice. The first edition of her book about wild rice appeared in 1977 and it is now in its 17th printing.