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We're All Nuts

ISBN: 9781934690949
Binding: Paperback
Author: Jennifer Byrnes
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 5/15/2018

Learn how you can become an expert nut-cracker to form effective relationships for personal and professional success in our ever-changing nutty world!

Connecting with others is like cracking a nut&ndashyou need to know about it to properly crack it. Forming meaningful connections that result in effective relationships are the key to personal and professional success but can be a hard nut to crack in our modern world with social media evolving technology and a broad generational mix.

This book is a quick read focused on helping people make meaningful connections in our fast-paced (and nutty) world. Byrnes invites the reader to think about connecting with others as "nut-cracking." Stories and fun illustrations entertain the reader while taking them through modern-day challenges and five simple nut-cracking skills to strike meaningful connections and enable effective relationships to form.

This is a creative and very timely work that delivers simple yet powerful guidance.

A self-proclaimed "nut " as well as an accomplished business leader Jennifer Byrnes has worked with all types of nuts successfully leading her corporate teams through change. She's made her own change to author speaker and professional life and leadership coach helping others Connect and Achieve (Jennifer's company). Byrnes earned a B.A. in Communications Studies from Gustavus Adolphus College in MN and her Coach Practitioner Certification through Learning Journeys The International Center of Coaching. She lives in Minnesota with her own family of nuts: a husband daughters and beloved dogs.


"We're All Nuts is an innovative and entertaining way of thinking about how to relate to people in a positive way. I found it a valuable model for thinking about why people behave the way they do and how I can change my approach to deal with them more effectively. This is definitively worth reading." - Todd Miller Vice President Global Infrastructure Operations CenturyLink

"Every businessperson should read this book to understand how people actually operate." - Randolph Porubcan CEO Master Supplements Inc.

"Jennifer Byrnes has captured my heart and my inner nut with this informative fun and very very timely work to help us all navigate the peanut butter we are sticking to daily by not understanding our fellow nuts!" Debbie Johnson Author Think Yourself Thin

"Refreshing! Thoughtful! Fun! Read this delightful book to hone your interpersonal relationship skills! The metaphor of "Nuts" captured my imagination and I thought of many instances in my personal communication where I only learned of the &lsquoshell' of the other person. I needed to do more to help break their shell and Jennifer shows us how to do just that. The book is an easy read that you will want to refer to often! As a long-time communications professional I intend to recommend this book as part of my leadership coaching/training regimen." - Charlotte S. Waisman Ph.D. Author Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America

"This book is wonderful an easy yet powerful read. It provides a reminder of two necessities in life. First communication is key in relationships both personal and business. And being present without modern day distractions which seem to increase daily. Byrnes' nut comparisons bring this to light in a fun and common-sense manner. Love it!" - Deb Syvertsen former V.P. of Customer Service CenturyLink

"Jennifer's concept of cracking nuts for understanding people relationships and emotional intelligence is creative and fun! The metaphor resonates with a wide range of people and makes an abstract concept concrete and relatable. It's a fun read that inspires me to be intentional in my leadership. As a leader I often find myself interacting with a wide range of people and needing to figure out how to "crack the nut." Jennifer's book brings a fresh perspective on how to approach challenging situations." - Karen Fox Elwell President and CEO at Growing Home Inc.

"The most challenging part of leadership is to understand the people you lead. This is a fast easy read that effectively uses a nut metaphor proclaiming that no matter who you are there is a nutty side to you. Byrnes sets the record straight and promises that all nuts have the potential to be cracked and when you do meaningful relationships can grow and flourish. Each chapter is highlighted with personal stories that assist in painting a picture of the different types of characteristics people possess and how to crack open their inner qualities. Sprinkled throughout are reflective questions that will give you pause and cause you to think about: What nut are you? And who are the nuts around you? This is definitely a must read." -Jennie Antolak President of Learning Journeys The International Center of Coaching Ruth M. Godfrey Founder of Learning Journeys