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Welcome to Bellechester: Book 2 Dr. M.E. Senty series - LARGE PRINT

ISBN:  9781643436104
Binding: Paperback
Author: Margaret A. Blenkush
Pages: 674
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 12/12/2023

Meet the lovable and quirky residents of this idyllic 1959 Shropshire County village as Dr. Mary Elizabeth Senty arrives to join Dr. Harold Merton's medical practice. Detective Inspector William Donnelly has recently transferred to Bellechester from London's Metropolitan Police Service to deal with the rash of jewel thefts in the area. When local socialite Lady Beatrice Brantwell is enlisted to throw a gala as a ruse to flush out the thieves, she pairs the newcomers in hopes of kindling a romance. Despite the police's best efforts, jewels, including Mary Elizabeth's precious agate pendant, are stolen in an intricately planned heist.

Can William and his officers solve the case and return the jewels to their rightful owners? Does love stand a chance between the career- minded doctor and duty-bound chief inspector? Find out in this gentle, cozy sequel to The Doctor of Bellechester which is sure to keep readers turning the pages.


Margaret A. Blenkush writes from her childhood home in South Saint Paul, Minnesota. In 2023, her first novel, The Doctor of Bellechester, received an honorable mention for Best Catholic Fiction from the Catholic Book Awards and was a finalist in London's Wishing Shelf Awards. Margaret holds an MA in theology from Saint John's University, Collegeville, and an MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is an oblate of Saint Benedict's Monastery in Saint Joseph, Minnesota. Margaret also loves gardening and playing card and board games with family. She still finds beauty in all of Minnesota's changing seasons. 


"Captivating from the start! This sweet story unfolds against the backdrop of the bucolic English town of Bellechester with its engaging and relatable residents. The author paints detailed and vibrant pictures of the settings, characters, and events that stimulate the readers' imagination and their connection to the characters. We meet the confident, smart, and compassionate Doctor Mary Elizabeth Senty (Emme), and the kind but intrepid Chief Inspector William Donnelly (Will). Their friendship unfolds along with a mysterious heist and a conclusion that leaves us eager to see where Emme and Will take us next." - Dan O’Leary, Esquire

"Will Donnelly is pleasantly surprised to learn that he has been promoted to chief inspector, but this will require him to relocate to the town of Bellechester on short notice. Bellechester has been struggling with a crime spree, and the hope is that his youth and dedication will help the community to tackle the challenges. Meanwhile, Doctor Mary Elizabeth Senty is preparing her own move to Bellechester so that she can begin serving the community along with Doctor Harold Merton. We get to know the community of Bellechester while the two new members get to know each other. The mystery keeps the reader guessing until the end." - Gayle Yanchar Bari, science educator

"If you liked ['The Doctor of Bellechester'], you will like the second book even more. The characters in the first book are [here] again . . . plus many new characters that you will not forget. I found the book easy to read, and it kept me engaged in the story. . . . Follow Mary Elizabeth's story [and discover] the new twist. I did not see that coming! I sure hope there will be a book three." - Paula Brust, former educator and avid reader

"This is an enjoyable read. The characters are interesting and recognizable. The author does a great job in describing the details as relates to the era. There is a budding romance, a mystery to solve, and questions to ponder. Enjoy a cup of tea and a scone as you visit Bellechester." - Barb Kraft, avid reader

"If you happen to enjoy a cosy (British spelling) mystery filled with interesting, 'fun to get to know' characters, you'll probably enjoy 'Welcome to Bellechester' from the pen of Margaret A. Blenkush. Like the first book, 'The Doctor of Bellechester,' this is a warm, relaxing sort of novel, the sort of story you can enjoy on a cold, winter's night." - The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Welcome to Bellechester: Book 2 Dr. M.E. Senty series - LARGE PRINT
Welcome to Bellechester: Book 2 Dr. M.E. Senty series - LARGE PRINT