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Children's Books - Animals

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Weasel’s Perfect Present

ISBN: 9781634891936
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Kathy Mattenklodt
AuthorIllustrator: Robin Murray
AuthorIllustrator: Alessandro Pastori
Pages: 40
Trim: 8 x 10 inches
Published: 4/5/2019

It is the day before Weasel’s birthday, and the animals of Friendly Forest are on the hunt for the perfect present. However, Weasel believes that his friends have forgotten his special day and decides to snoop around.

In Weasel’s Perfect Present, the animals of Friendly Forest discover the importance of trust and friendship. This unique story is written from two perspectives: when read from the front cover, it is the story of the forest friends as they search for Weasel’s present, but when the reader flips the book over to read from the back cover, they discover Weasel’s perspective. In between the two sections is a description of “the perfect present.” The creative format invites readers to think about the importance of giving others the benefit of the doubt and trusting true friendships.


Kathy Mattenklodt grew up in southern Colorado with six sisters. She has been an educator for over 30 years, dedicating much of her career to literacy and writing with an emphasis on gifted and talented students. Kathy is an Instructional Coach supporting staff and students. Sharing stories has been an inspiration to pursue the dream of writing a children’s book, and Weasel’s Perfect Present is a way to pass along this love to others. Kathy lives in Colorado with her husband, Bill, and three children, Adam, Luke, and Will.

Robin Murray has worked with children and teachers for 20 years in the field of education with an emphasis on students who are learning English as another language. Currently, Robin is a Lead Instructional Coach focusing on literacy development. She believes stories are a powerful way to connect people and help children and adults alike to learn, empathize, and grow together. Robin and her husband live in Colorado with their two amazing daughters, Paige and Madison.