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Veteran Field Manual

ISBN: 9781592987177
Binding: Paperback
Author: Todd M. Kuikka
Trim: 5 x 8 inches
Published: 2/22/2016

Author Todd M. Kuikka a seasoned combat veteran returned "home" to find it wasn't the same as he remembered. What or who changed? No one knows what it's like to return from hell more than those whose soles-and souls-are already scorched. Veterans face many obstacles and fight many battles during reintegration and after military service. They also struggle with many misconceptions and stigmas which become severe stumbling blocks complicating civilian reentry.

This comprehensive discussion guide reveals many of the barriers service members encounter when they return with honor but lose hope at home. By highlighting veterans' strengths and encouraging them to use their military core values the Veteran Field Manual helps veterans overcome hardships and place team self and family on a path to success in the aftermath of war.

After fourteen years serving as an explosive ordnance disposal technician Todd M. Kuikka was retired due to combat injuries. Following multiple combat tours in Iraq Afghanistan and diplomatic support throughout the world as a bomb squad team leader he struggled with reintegration back to civilian life. Kuikka moved to Minnesota to attend St. Cloud State University.

He continues to live in St. Cloud with his family maintaining his development with his oldest children who serve as a source of so much pride and inspiration. A family-oriented man he continues battling for veterans' interests and finds peace and purpose through painting and writing. His family continues to develop comprehensive outreach services and has established Loon House Designs & Concepts&trade, a therapeutic art studio. Kuikka stays engaged in community development and corrective measures to preserve the rights of veterans who have earned their liberties and happiness following military service.