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Vegetables for Breakfast from A to Z: Change your breakfast, Change your life

ISBN: 9780578682549
Binding: Paperback
Author: Nancy Wolfson-Moche
Pages: 116
Trim: 7.5” x 7.5” inches
Published: 6/11/2020

Vegetables for Breakfast from A to Z invites the reader to re-imagine breakfast, letter by letter, season by season. Just as breakfast kick-starts the day, this book kick-starts the way you cook and eat vegetables. In addition to quick, easy, delicious recipes for both vegetables and accompanying grain dishes (such as: Asparagus Almondine, Yellow Carrot Nori Rolls, Purple Daikon Corn Salad, and many more), it offers insights about the most important meal of the day, facts and tips about the vegetables’ nutrients, their effects on the body, including little known vegetable lore, and even a little dirt on the veggies themselves. It has been called “a plant-based revelation, from its inventive recipes to its innovative techniques to its thorough nutritional and horticultural information,” and “An invaluable resource for any home cook or chef that will forever change how you cook with vegetables.”


Nancy Wolfson-Moche, CHHC, RYT, is the founder of you are because you eat. She coaches, blogs, crafts curricula and recipes, teaches health, wellness, culinary arts and culinary medicine to students of all ages. Nancy presents eating as a sacred practice, creating edible art, symbolic meals and menus infused with meaning and ritual. She is a certified practitioner of macrobiotics, yoga and Torah yoga.

Nancy was an editor and writer on lifestyle magazines and digital platforms. Her writing has appeared in scores of magazines, newspapers and books. She blogs at http://youarebecauseyoueat.com/blog/ and eats vegetables for breakfast daily.


“Vegetables for Breakfast from A to Z is a plant-based revelation. From its inventive recipes to its innovative techniques to its thorough nutritional and horticultural information, this cookbook is an invaluable resource for any home cook or chef. It will forever change how you cook with vegetables.“—JEFFREY YOSKOWITZ, co-author, The Gefilte Manifesto: New Recipes for Old World Jewish Foods (Flatiron Books) 

“Nancy artistically blends the exquisite ingredients of ancient wisdom, elegant beauty, and delicious ingredients into every meal she prepares. To learn about food and eating from Nancy is a divine gift for your soul, mind, heart and belly!“DIANE BLOOMFIELD, author & creator of Torah Yoga: Experiencing Jewish Wisdom through Classic Postures 

“Vegetables for Breakfast from A to Z is beautifully presented and mouthwatering. It is an essential cookbook that will nourish your love for vegetables at every meal. I highly recommend it! “—DENNY WAXMAN, macrobiotic counselor & author of The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity 

“Vegetables for Breakfast from A to Z invites you to jump into the delicious, interesting, nutritious, seasonal, fun, historical, and creative world of vegetables. It inspires cooks — and inexperienced chefs — of all ages to experiment, in a simple, clear, unintimidating way, with the wonders and varieties of vegetables.”—ALEXANDRA ZOHN, Eating Psychology & Holistic Health Coach 

"Vegetables for Breakfast isn’t just a cookbook, it’s an entire philosophy of eating. [VFB] has something for everyone, whether you’re a food-lover, a spiritual seeker, a life-long learner who feasts on facts, or you’re simply trying to figure out what to make for breakfast as you stumble out of bed. I highly recommend this book."–  Yael Tischler, Jewish Vegetarian Society