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Biographies & Memoirs - Memoirs Health, Mind & Body - Addiction & Recovery

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ISBN: 9781634891660
Binding: Paperback
Author: Jake Widmann
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 9/25/2018

In his early twenties Jake Widmann hit rock bottom. A drinking problem which began in his early teens had spiraled out of control draining him of resources and turning him into a person he no longer recognized. He knew something had to change but every lifeline thrown his way ended up cast aside in favor of alcohol and an unwillingness to confront the root of his issues.

Up is the story of how Jake managed to overcome his adversity and take the first step down the path to his potential. More than that it's a guide to help others do the same. Through his life story you'll come to recognize the opportunities that are handed to us and learn how to take advantage of them rather than letting them slip by. You'll take responsibility without falling into self-loathing. You'll start the long road up from the bottom into the light.

No two stories are alike but in Jake's journey from out-of-control addiction to a new beginning you'll find inspiration instruction and a helping hand to guide you on your way.

Possessed by an insatiable curiosity and drive to help people Jake Widmann is committed to sharing his own story and the stories of others. If he's not spending time with his wife Brittany and his two boys Cameron and Sully he's likely drinking coffee while overanalyzing some aspect of his brand

If you have a feeling that there's more for your life reach out to Jake at see what he's doing over at or join the Sologood Self Mastery Community on Facebook.

"This book 'Ups' the authenticity and vulnerability level in a way that empowers the reader to find the courage needed to make a positive change in their life." -Eric Beach Ironman triathlete and cofounder of Project Echelon

"Jake's honesty openness and depth make him unique in today's world of on-the-surface stories and advice. His personal journey will open your mind and heart to the unlimited and unparalleled possibilities of your own journey-your life can only go UP from here." -Kyle Willkom founder of Action Packed Leadership and author of Wake Up Call and The Thinking Dilemma