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Children's Books - 4-8 Years

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Two Tribes

ISBN: 9781634892391
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Tyler Storlie
Illustrator: Rachel Beenken
Pages: 40
Trim: 9.5 x 7.5 inches
Published: 9/23/2019

In a land nearby but a time long ago,

Two different tribes shared a village called Home.

But there was something peculiar about these two tribes

That caused them to drift apart over time.

When disaster strikes, the two tribes must overcome their differences in order to save their village. Will they be able to find the common ground that unites them both? Or will the divide between Left-leaners and Right-leaners be too difficult to overcome?

If you’re reading this, then Tyler Storlie is now, to his great surprise, a children’s book author. Prior to writing Two Tribes, Tyler worked in healthcare IT, managed operations for the family business, and built schools in Nepal as a volunteer. Tyler has a degree in mechanical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and currently lives in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.