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Romance - Contemporary

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Twisted Oak

ISBN: 9781626527362
Binding: paperback
Author: Neige Blanche
Pages: 494
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 5/13/2014

Terrified of becoming her mother a woman always waiting for her next fix Susan leaves behind dreary Kansas City for a hostel in New Orleans. With no sense of place and no one to help her navigate the city as she struggles through withdrawal Susan soon falls under the wing of Ty a man no stranger to misery himself. Among crumbling walls and garden gates he leads her to a family and world so unlike her own that she must take on a new name: Neige Blanche.

Armed with this new identity Neige finds her way to Twisted Oak an estate owned by Mr. Gregory-Michel Delacroix a place where power and pain are both familiar and profane. Wrapped up in his love for her and intoxicated by his demands for complete surrender Neige falls for this wealthy stranger. With the kaleidoscope of New Orleans as the backdrop of her transformation Neige embraces this new terrain but is left wondering: Why me?

As she unravels the Delacroix family history the answer to her question is revealed.

Neige Blanche is a graduate of Behavioral Science at Western International University came to New Orleans in 1986 and has lived in the region ever since. A Hurricane Katrina Survivor she has been a community volunteer for over twenty-five years with various groups in support of public private parochial and charter schools. She lives part-time between Northern New Mexico and the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her husband and two dogs. Twisted Oak is her first novel.