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Tune Your Mind: Finding Follow-Through and Fulfillment in the Dawn of Distraction and Disruption

ISBN: 9781634895842
Binding: Hardcover
Author: CJ Ledy
Pages: 264
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 01/09/2024

In this fresh and actionable mindset book for goal attainment, leading mindset expert CJ Ledy shares a three-step, scientifically proven solution for focus, follow-through, and fulfillment.

"Our mind can be our greatest ally, or our fiercest opponent—this book will ensure you're playing for the same team." —Alexandra Cole, Human Design Coach and author of The Purpose Playbook

Leading mindset coach CJ Ledy is a multi-instrument musician who integrates music in his coaching, podcasts, and video series. His proven three-step process helps dreamers and doers soundcheck their mental instrument to bring great ideas to fruition.

There's never been an easier or more engaging way to adapt to distraction and disruption and improve concentration, productivity, and focus.

Inside Tune Your Mind, discover how to:

  • adapt to a disrupted career path or life plan,
  • orient big-picture goals with regular routines and habits,
  • create follow-through despite distraction,
  • align your identity, mindset, and state of mind.

Tune Your Mind creates a perfect harmony between the accessibility of Atomic Habits and the practicality of The Productivity Project.

Whether you're developing habits for success in business or in your personal day-to-day life, optimal time management and productivity is within your grasp.

Just as instruments need regular recalibration to produce beautiful sound, all you need to enjoy a productive headspace is to simply tune your mind.

Even in the hands of a legendary guitarist, an untuned guitar sounds terrible.

Your mind is your most valuable instrument . . . so how does your instrument sound?

Tune Your Mind is your chance to chase inspiration and ensure follow-through—it all begins with the instrument between your ears.

"An innovative deep-dive way to look at the power of mindset. CJ Ledy is able to match powerful content with real and impactful stories that help the reader make changes that will help them be happier, healthier, and more productive. Tune Your Mind is played in the key of life." —Joe Schmit, speaker, author of Silent Impact and The Impact Blueprint and eighteen-time Emmy Award-winning television broadcaster


CJ Ledy is a mindset coach, keynote speaker, podcast host, and real estate entrepreneur with a sales volume of over $100M. Coaching for over a decade, he works with Fortune 100 companies, professionals, artists, musicians, athletes and more. Ledy is a multi-instrument musician, private pilot, and has traveled to over thirty different countries to study global approaches to mental well-being.

CJ Ledy is a certified executive and career coach and helps professionals strategize, set goals, achieve success, and establish fulfilling lives.


"Tune Your Mind offers a fresh and actionable way to pursue and achieve your goals by enlisting the power of the mind. CJ Ledy shares relatable anecdotes, helpful tools, and a repeatable formula that can be applied to both small and big endeavors. Our mind can be our greatest ally, or our fiercest opponent—this book will ensure you're playing for the same team."  —Alexandra Cole, Human Design Coach and author of The Purpose Playbook

"Ancient philosophers, as well as present-day wisdom brokers, all point to the perils of failing to become an observer of your own thoughts and biases. Too often, the state of our minds become encrusted by life's challenges, making our priorities fuzzy. Coach CJ Ledy shines a light on the process for discovering the path to clarifying life-changing objectives. Tune Your Mind is a trove of applicable introspections embedded in an easy blueprint to positively impact your life. In a world filled with books of empty content and difficult reads, I found Tune Your Mind to be a refreshing alternative."  —Mark Overbye, CEO of Anthem Marine, chairman USA Waterski and Wake Sports Foundation

"Do you ever have that special book that comes into your life exactly at the precise moment you need it? Tune Your Mind has been that book for me. From the moment I read the first words, it brought me right back to things I know I should do and have let slide over the last few years while just doing 'life.' It's so easy to get caught up in things that throw a person off track. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to jump and stay on the path toward their goals and press on with clear focus. Tune Your Mind is well written and easy to read, with real-life examples of people who have walked the walk and have led by example for staying on track and keeping their minds focused and in tune with their short- and long-term goals. Make sure you have a highlighter or notepad on hand, as there are so many wonderful tidbits in this book to revisit and post where you can see them every day. I'm certain this book will be an annual refresher for me in the future."   —Cindy Koebele, founder/owner of TitleSmart and author of Obsess to Success