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Transform Your Life Through Love

ISBN: 9781634134262
Binding: Paperback
Author: Daniel M. White
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 9/29/2015

The reason we are here in physical form is to love and be loved. Learn to keep your personal power by no longer becoming offended by people's comments or actions.

Author Daniel M. White has been walking his spiritual path to Divine-God for some time and knows all the ups and downs of life. Throughout his life's journey he has experienced many highs as well as many lows and through it all he has come to realize and recognize that LOVE is the answer to any question or dilemma.

In Transform Your Life Through Love Daniel lays out 11 realities that govern our lives while we're on this earth in physical form. He makes it clear that we are all searching for the meaning of life and creating our own realities. He desires us as human beings to realize it is essential to create profound LOVE and is a vital key as we walk our own spiritual path to Divine-God causing us to live in abundance.

Daniel M. White enjoys being a spiritual life coach and assisting others in fulfilling their lives with love joy peace and happiness. He has two adult children Danae and Brendan and for the past twenty-five years he has been self-employed owning a financial service business. He is looking forward to teaching "divine love" seminars and showing others how to walk in unconditional love.