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To the Brokenhearted

ISBN: 9781662894138
Binding: Paperback
Author: Mitchell John & George Humlie
Pages: 102
Trim: 11 x 8.5 inches
Published: 06/04/2024

To The Brokenhearted, is a book that starts with the Lord's premise when He says in Matthew 5:3; "Blessed are the poor and spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Our 21st century ears don't seem to relate to these words. It would seem that He should've said… Blessed are the rich in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. No, He was right. Poor in spirit means to be humble. Humility is a virtue that we are to embrace. If we don't, humiliation awaits us. So if you find yourself in a place where you are a brokenhearted person, take courage and be of good cheer. Your Creator is working on His Masterpiece.


Mitchell John's musical journey continues as he reflects on where he has been...some of what he has done...and, more importantly, what he discovered through it all.

When he was young musical notes first found their way to him via Elvis Presley. He wanted to be like "Elvis"...and he literally saw this man as the "King". He spent his youth listening to and trying to emulate the sound of Elvis through his own music. Nothing could have prepared him for the tangled web that this imaginary world of success would bring.

Years passed like waves lapping up on the shore of his life, a melody of sorts that he wanted to capture for himself. Maybe it was the storm that hit him full force and took him down...almost burying him in the sand of regrets and shame.

No one knows for sure when Mitchell began to see the light that suddenly surrounded him with the warmth of love and forgiveness. The presence of Jesus soothed his troubled heart...and a new melody emerged from within...a "Sweet Spirit"...saved him.

Visions of Elvis's entourage and screaming fans faded away, momentarily leaving a lonely man with only a guitar, who started to sing. One by one, mutual hearts and minds, gathered to create a new sound akin to Jesus and all of them.

Mitchell John's musical journey will take you on a trip through his life of self-indulgence, his awakening, and his realization that "music" has been his lifeline.

Mitchell John has been recording and touring now for 30 years recording his first on 18 albums in 1994. His current album, Stillwaters, releases June 4 along with the book To The Brokenhearted.


"I believe that everyone will go through heartbreak and some point in life, but with no one to guide them through—no one who has been where they are—they are left to navigate the dark times alone. In To the Brokenhearted, Mitchell John and George Humlie leverage their broken-heartedness as a beacon of hope for anyone navigating the storms of grief, loss, or despair." - Jim Ramos, Men in the Arena Founder and President

"This book is a thought-provoking consideration of the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. The Beatitudes provide us with the keys that restore the brokenhearted back to wholeness. We know the personal restoration of every Believer is the grand work of the Holy Spirit. Mitchell John and George Humlie's insights help lead us back to living in the fullness of the Spirit we all long for." - John Palacios, Pastor, Northwest Harvest Church McMinnville, Oregon

"The words of Jesus have had a profound effect throughout history, especially in the lives of those who are broken enough to receive them. As imperfect men who have been redeemed by a Savior, Mitchell John and George Humlie humbly discuss the love and grace that they have received from Jesus. Are their lives spotless? No, But they have been washed by the Blood of the Lamb, forgiven, and walk in a grace that can only be a result of gratitude to their unlikely redemption." - Brandon Ahu, Pastor, Metro Christian Church Honolulu, Hawaii

"I have had the pleasure of both knowing and being part of the lives of Mitchell John and George Humlie both as a friend and their Pastor. As the Lord Jesus Christ Jesus walked this earth, He brought hope and love to those that had been broken. He spoke the word of God and transformed the lives of those who received that word. His ministry to a people who have been broken was what the Jesus did during His ministry. This is what both of these men desire to be the testimony of their lives. To write a book about being broken hearted is a difficult task unless you have experienced the deep caverns of life. Those places where the darkness and cold can seem to overwhelm you. A place where any light is a light of hope and strength. It is in these places that the light begins to reveal a truth that you can hold onto, use as steps to move from the darkness into a world that is filled with renewal, hope and love. This book comes from such a place that these men have experienced in their personal lives. They have been in that cavern and have found their strength in Jesus as he shined that thread of light into their lives. To The Broken Hearted is a book that was birthed in those caverns, it is a book that contains the foundation on which those steps led them higher and higher into the light. It is a book that contains living words that can change the lives of those individuals that find themselves in their own caverns. I believe that this is, the prayer of these men..." - Craig Durbin, Senior Pastor City of Hope Church McMinnville, Oregon