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To Be Human – Always: A Collection of Poems and Musings -- Second Edition

ISBN: 9781736845127
Binding: Paperback
Author: Tiffany Sunday
Pages: 110
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 09/20/2022

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If you could change your life, would you dare do it? Even though others seek to convince you to stay the same.

Often, we feel stuck, trapped within the demands of others and their constant flood of controlling messages. Unable to move, a voice within us wonders, "Do I have the strength to be whom I seek to be? Can I make the difficult decision to initiate change, or will I allow fear to keep me in place?" These soul-searching questions were the catalyst for this thought-provoking book, To Be Human - Always, by Tiffany Sunday.

In her third poetry collection, Sunday searches for her authentic self while defending her humanity from the invasive nature of digital technology.

Sunday's poetry reflects a new awareness gained after peeling away layers of obsolete messaging. For Sunday, nature offers solace, inspiration, and mental space for self-discovery. Her love of the outdoors is evident in the book's nature-themed poems, which provide subtle wisdom from her observations. While contemplating questions about life and what you seek to achieve, Sunday's poems and musings offer guidance for finding the courage to be you.


Tiffany Sunday is a writer, poet, and lyricist. She is the author of To Be Human - AlwaysProper Grey Areas, Insatiable Consumption of Being, How Dyslexics Will Rule the Future, Dyslexia's Competitive Edge, and You Posted What!?. She is internationally known for her 2015 TEDx Talk Dyslexia 2.0: The Gift of Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Mind. Nonprofit organizations in the United States and Europe frequently quote Tiffany's inspiring words from her book, Dyslexia's Competitive Edge. Her futuristic insight and observations, discussed in her books, are mentioned in academic journals.