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Children's Books - 4-8 Years

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Tide Day

ISBN: 9781592986842
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Melissa Marroquin
Trim: 11 x 8.5 inches
Published: 1/18/2016

Bubbly silly and a little bit stubborn this mermaid named Pearl shirks her chores and gets her fins into trouble on Tide Day! When the rip tide drifts too close to the school it's jellyfish chores for little Pearl! But she would much rather go on an adventure-wouldn't you?


Melissa Marroquin began her career as an illustrator at the age of six with a marker in hand and the vast canvas that was the back of the living room sofa.

A large family and the adventures they encountered gave Melissa a love for story telling that combined with her developing skills drew her to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design as well as the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul.

There she acquired a BFA in Illustration specializing in Children's Books. Now Melissa lives in Roseville with her Co-adventurer and with her delightful cat Luna.