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THIS IS IT… : A daughter-mother collaboration

ISBN: 9780578488660
Binding: Paperback
Author: Hailee Fritz
Illustrator: Hailee Fritz
Pages: 88
Trim: 5.5 x 8.25 inches
Published: 6/25/2019

Cancer. It came out of nowhere and totally changed everything, affected every aspect of life. Anyone who experiences a serious illness can relate to this story.

As parents we know how to fix a scraped knee, but what do you do when your 14-year-old daughter goes to the doctor for a pain and the diagnosis is bone cancer? What do you do when a friend has a life changing experience? You want to do something…anything to help. But what? This book takes you through our story of getting a cancer diagnosis through treatment, written from both the daughter’s and mother’s points of view. It shares insights and tips for family and friends. This is it…join us on our journey. 

As a cancer survivor, Hailee Fritz has a unique perspective on life. Since declared cancer-free, Hailee has graduated high school with her class and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Recording Arts and Sound Engineering. She hopes that sharing her journals and experiences will ease someone else’s life journey. Hailee currently resides in Michigan and is kicking ass at mixology and life in general.

“Most of this is taken from journal entries written at that time. Just getting through the day was hard. I was documenting the reality of the experience from the first-person perspective. It wasn’t to be morbid or dark, it was to give me an outlet when no one else could understand even though they were there with me.” - Hailee Fritz

Co-author and mother of Hailee, Margaret Fritz shares her experiences with the hopes of helping others that find themselves in a similar situation. Wishing there was some guidance for her at that time, she wrote this book with her daughter. Although the journey began in Michigan, Margaret now resides in South Carolina.

"Often when there is a critical illness diagnosis, we are struck dumb. There is no guidebook for 'your 14-year-old has a life altering cancer diagnosis.' I wrote this to give some insights that I wish I would have had when I went through it." - Margaret Fritz