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Thin Places

ISBN: 9781592981120
Binding: Paperback
Author: Mary Treacy O'Keefe
Pages: 180

Bill and Terry Treacy died three months apart after fifty years of marriage and a lifetime of faith. Devastated by this loss, their ten children found comfort in inexplicable signs assuring them that their parents were at peace reunited in heaven and yet still present in the lives of those who grieved for them.

In Thin Places: Where Faith Is Affirmed and Hope Dwells Mary Treacy O'Keefe describes such signs as thin places-sudden realizations of that ethereal veil between what we know of earth and what we believe of heaven. In sharing her family's story (and those of many others) she shows how thin places are present in ordinary places at ordinary times-and how such moments of grace reveal Divine loving messages of faith and hope in our daily lives.


Mary Treacy O'Keefe MA is a radio show host spiritual director author of Thin Places: Where Faith Is Affirmed and Hope Dwells and Meant to Be Moments: Discovering What We Are Called to Do and Be and co-founder of Well Within a nonprofit holistic wellness center near St. Paul MN.