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There's a Frog On My Forehead

ISBN: 9781592982646
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Colette Nicoletta
Pages: 32
Published: 5/31/2006

There's a Frog on my Forehead! How did it get there? You decide! Using 26 different animals and places on the body take a fantastic journey through the alphabet-and the human anatomy-with animals as your tour guides.

Appealing to children both young and old There's a Frog on my Forehead leads readers on a fanciful excursion through fun facts about the human body. The silly examples of alliteration help the animals guide you on your travels through the alphabet.


One summer day while pruning some lilac bushes in the garden Colette Omans Nicoletta was surprised to find a tree frog on her forehead. She called out to her daughters so they could dome to see it. As soon as the frog jumped for cover the two girls began playing a game where they decided which animals would end up where on their bodies. Thus the game created the story.

There's a Frog on my Forehead is a combination of the alphabet animals and a little anatomy. The illustrations are whimsical and will encourage children who read the book to think of animals and places on their body to match using the alphabet. Colette Omans Nicoletta is an elementary school art teacher who lives in Chanhassen Minnesota with her husband two children and cat Matilda.

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