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Self-Help - Personal Transformation

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The Why You Do

ISBN: 9781634132749
Binding: Paperback
Author: Don Crosby
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 1/26/2016

We've all heard the old adage "life doesn't come with an instruction book " but what if it did?

Author Don Crosby wants us to realize our potential-not just doing what we've been told we should do but all that we truly can do. His personal humorous and even touching stories will help you to become your own true best self.

At the same time we all know that those around us-whether friends family or co-workers-can have a huge impact on our potential. Crosby takes the time in The Why You Do to show how knowing more about the people around us can truly make life better-at work and at home.

Backed by cutting-edge behavioral measurement technologies these are not simply touchy-feely suggestions and ideas but techniques you can use and apply.

Broken into three helpful sections The Why You Do will help readers learn who they are how they fit into the world and how to learn more about themselves-and others.


Don Crosby is Founder/CEO of Global Behavior Companies and known as the Behavioral Locksmith&reg. He has more than twenty-four years of consulting and training experience. During that time Don has worked with small medium and Fortune 500 companies and assessed thousands of people.

Don has established himself as an accomplished speaker and a popular choice for organizations holding workshops seminars and retreats while consulting and training on the concepts of human behavior and "The Why You Do."

"As an inmate in Madison Correctional Center I signed out Don's book from the library with the intention of reading a few pages before going to sleep. I started reading and couldn't put it down after reading sixty-eight pages that night I finished the book on the following day. I wish I could have had this insight when I was younger before my troubled behavior started just maybe it could have changed my life but now I've learned that it's not too late even for a guy like me."-Jason Madison Correctional Center

"Experiencing the Why You Do I believe lies the true power and the gift of Don Crosby's courage and willingness to open his heart and soul to tell his story to share his struggles so we may more clearly understand ours as a vital reminder for all of us." -Irwin M. Rubin Ph.D. Author

"A number of PGA Tour players use sports psychologists to help them gain an edge and although much of the information they are receiving is correct and needed many are missing the specifics of actual behaviors. Implementing his ProScan® survey, Don Crosby has quickly helped me understand my behaviors and those of my students which has richly contributed to my mental game. The Why You Do will help your golf game and probably other areas of your life." -Randy Joyner PGA Professional and Instructor