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The Visionary In Charge: 7 Simple Rules... Because Just One Extraordinary Idea Can Change Your Life

ISBN: 9798987879436
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Dave Noll
Pages: 256
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 04/04/2024

The Visionary in Charge is…

For the Dreamers.

For the Inventors.

For the Entrepreneurs.

For the people who Imagine & Ignite.

Are you someone who comes up with new ideas? New initiatives? New ways to make money?

Do you want to create something that sells to millions around the country? Or millions around the world?

Are you the kid that creates the next legendary app? Or the woman who creates the next craze on Etsy? Do you want a hit podcast? YouTube Channel? Successful side hustle?

Or do you simply want to be someone who has a great idea, pitches it up, executes it… and then that idea helps the company?

Almost all of us has a moment where we MUST create. Knowing how to consistently unleash that level of creativity - again & again - can change your life.

Dave Noll, renowned television show creator and the brilliant mind behind hit shows such as "Chopped" and "America Says", unveils the secrets on how anyone can achieve their wildest dreams in his book, The Visionary In Charge.

With 7 simple rules and chock full of stories, Dave shares his unique approach to creativity and positivity. The book provides practical tips to ignite inspiration in one's own life.


Dave Noll is the creator of 50+ television series, including Chopped (2007), Chopped Junior (2015), CBS's syndicated series Face The Truth (2018), America Says (2018), Beat the House (2014), FOX's syndicated series Punchline (2017), AMC's Movies 101 (2005), Dinner Takes All (2019), BBC's No Kitchen Required (2012), Winsanity (2016) and Rocco's Dinner Party (2011).

Dave and his partner, Cleve Keller, joined together in 2007. With 3,300+ episodes together they have become one of the most successful format development teams in the world.

Dave has two Emmy Awards, two Gracie Awards, a James Beard Award for Best Television Series (Chopped), and a Platinum Album Award from the Recording Industry of America (for his work on Titanic: The Soundtrack to the Motion Picture).


"Dave Noll is one of the most successful visionaries working in television today, with an enthusiasm and energy that lights up any room. With The Visionary In Charge, Dave peels back the mystique around creativity and shows you how his mind works to create genius. Plus, he gives you the roadmap to ignite inspiration in your own life. Your future is waiting! Pick up this book!" - Matt Iseman, host of NBC’s AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR

"From the top of the team that has redefined competitive cooking for 14 years - and counting! - a guide to create and innovate!" - Ted Allen, Host of Food Network's CHOPPED

"The Visionary In Charge is a must-read for any dreamer or doer, anyone starting their career or contemplating a big change, anyone who is a creative or works with one. The master visionary Dave Noll has written a superb road map for changing the way you organize your most crucial processes based on real-life principles that anyone can master. Want to unleash your hidden dragon slayer? Need a brain re-boot? This is the book that will delight and inspire, a perfect how-to book that all readers will enjoy spending time with." - Andrew Zimmerman, Co-Creator, Host, and Executive Producer of Travel Channel's BIZARRE FOODS WITH ANDREW ZIMMERMAN

"Dave Noll knows a thing or two about vision. The Visionary In Charge is chock-full of insight into the difficult world of show business and loaded with useful information on how to create and bring that vision to life." - Rocco DiSpirito, Chef, Host of Bravo’s ROCCO'S DINNER PARTY and the New York Times Bestselling Author of Now Eat This!

"I just love how positive this book is. I love how I felt when I was reading it… like nothing could stop me. The VIC should be in everyone's back pocket. It proves that the impossible can be possible. It shows you how to trust your inner voice. Dave shows you that you are in charge of your own vision… and that you should never give up!" - Carnie Wilson, Musician and Co-Founder of the Platinum Album Award-Winning Group Wilson Phillips