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The Storybook

ISBN: 9781592982349
Binding: Paperback
Author: Birdie Johnson and Rachel Rustad
Pages: 192
Published: 12/29/2005

The Storybook has been designed to assist in pursuing the art of storytelling. The "story-starters" are about everyday circumstances as well as special events. Many happy hours can be spent recounting thoughts experiences and family history. Memories take on a new and exciting meaning when shared with loved ones. This is the Great Novel - the story of You!

Once upon a time family members lived near each other. They spent what little spare time available to them sharing stories. It was their primary source of entertainment and it taught the children about their heritage. It also served to pass along from one generation to the next the family's identity values character and way of seeing the world.

The Storybook is meant to be adjusted to each individual and their family making it a portrait of a specific group of people and the ones they love. This book is a gift for the future the start of a tradition a legacy to the generations to come.


The Storybook was co-written by two friends Birdie Johnson and Rachel Rustad. Out of a belief that people are losing not only the art of storytelling but more importantly our family's stories they sat down to write the beginnings to stories they wish they knew about their own families. Stories they wanted to pass along to their children. Both are now retired and living in rural Minnesota.