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Science Fiction & Fantasy - Fantasy

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The Spell of No’an

ISBN: 9781592989034
Binding: Paperback
Author: James Priest
Pages: 328
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 12/15/2014

A race of tiny magical beings lives on Earth today. They dwell in elaborate tree homes and mysterious underground sanctuaries. Because of an ancient dispute humans are unaware of their hidden civilization. They are kirins.

For thousands of years they have lived in peace but a deadly menace now threatens their existence. A party of daring explorers led by the wise magician Speckarin is sent to destroy the evil lurking a continent and an ocean away. Failure of this mission would mean death to the voyagers and the entire kirin race. But their success will depend on aid from a truly unexpected source-human beings.

Fly with these adventurers and witness today's world as it has never before been seen.

James Priest was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota. He majored in English in college and received a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Minnesota. He spent three years in Japan caring for casualties from Vietnam and practiced medicine in Minneapolis for twenty-one years. He now lives with his wife Ilka and their dog Taiho in the Hawaiian Islands on the isle of Kauai.

Always a fan of miniature things Priest found it easy to create the race of small magical beings at the heart of his novel. He feels fortunate to have found a second career in writing and is looking forward to publishing the third book in the series KIRINS: Secret of the Hanging Stones.

"Having read all three books of James Priest's wonderful trilogy I have nothing but praise. The scope of this work which takes us from the middle of North America across the Atlantic on the backs of birds to Stonehenge is extraordinary. I enjoyed every moment I spent with the kirins. Priest's work resembles Lord of the Rings but is more rooted in nature and gentler in tone." - Mary Logue award-winning writer and poet author of Dancing with an Alien and Snatched.