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THE SOUL OF FAMILY BUSINESS: A Practical Guide To Family Business And A Loving Family

ISBN: 9780578261089
Binding: Paperback
Author: Thomas M. Hubler
Pages: 214
Trim: 6” x 9” inches
Published: 2/1/2022

The Soul of Family Business illustrates how love is the foundation and family values are the secret sauce for success. The Soul of Family business covers topics such as the development of a shared vision for the family and for the business. It tackles "specks of dust" issues, creating individual and organizational strategies to ensure a personally and financially rewarding business. The book focuses on wealth preparation planning to ensure that family values continue to emphasize a family culture of gratitude, philanthropy, and living purposeful lives. Packed with family business best practices and practical tips for everything from managing conflict to succession planning. The Soul of Family Business is an essential guide for family business owners and advisors alike.


Tom Hubler began his family business consulting practice in 1980 as one of few professionals addressing family-owned businesses in the U.S. As an experienced senior consultant and trusted advisor, he has counseled more than 500 private client family businesses over the course of his career.

Tom is a founding member and fellow of the Family Firm Institute in Boston, a professional organization serving the needed of family-owned businesses. For more than 10 years, he was a professional-in-residence and taught family business management at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is the published author of more than 50 articles and scholarly papers including a monthly column in the Twin Cities Business magazine. Tom was a guest twice on NBC's Today show, speaks on cutting-edge family business issues nationally and internationally, and has been frequently quoted in The New York Times Sunday MagazineWashington Post, and Wall Street Journal.


"While nothing tops the value and impact of interacting with a family business consultant face-to-face, this book is a wonderful source of practical tools and thoughtful reflections tested over a lifetime of Tom's consulting work. It is a candy store of delights, of lessons, for people involved with business families of every age and stage." - Bill Monson, former director of the University of St. Thomas Family Business Center

"Drawing from the depths of his personal and professional experience, Tom Hubler guides us through the life cycles, challenges, and opportunities of family business. His inspirational anecdotes and wisdom-filled one-liners could only come from the experience of a highly respected senior practitioner. Spiritually grounded, they are designed to stimulate thought, reflection, and action for family business owners and practitioners alike. He does not simply visit the world of family business; with a philosopher's insight, he probes its depths." - Paul Karofsky, founder of Transition Consulting Group, Ltd., executive director emeritus of Northeastern University's Center for Family Business, author of So You're in the Family Business: A Guide to Sustainability, and a third-generation family business owner

"If you are an owner of a family business or consult to one, The Soul of the Family Business is a must-read. Webster's dictionary defines soul as 'the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life.' Tom Hubler does not disappoint the reader; there is no part of the family business soul that Tom does not address. From love, values, gratitude, forgiveness, and conflict to succession, family health, and more. Every issue discussed is followed by one or more mini case studies. This is a hands-on book that captures Tom's many years of dealing with family businesses." - August Aquila, CEO of AQUILA Global Advisors, LLC

"This book has great insights into the inner workings of family business by one of the top consultants in the field." - Gary B. Cohen, managing partner of CO2 Partners and author of Just Ask Leadership: Why great managers always ask the right questions

"Tom is one of very few pioneers in the professional field of family business consulting. I've had the privilege of knowing and learning from Tom for over 20 years, and in The Soul of Family Business, Tom shares his deeply rooted experience working with business families. Through his consulting experiences, references to the insights he's gained from his mentors and teachers, and sharing of the step-by-step interventions of his work, Tom has provided families and practitioners alike with wisdom for the ages. Tom is a deeply soulful individual. This long overdue treatise reflects Tom's soulful essence of his life's work. Reading The Soul of Family Business is to express our gratitude toward Tom's immense contributions to the field." - Mark B. Rubin, senior managing director of FTI Consulting and founding partner of The Metropolitan Group LLC

"The Soul of Family Business offers practical tips and advice, allowing readers to choose what will work best for their business families. His Inside-Out Succession Plan model is simple, pragmatic and achievable; it captures the essence of his work with legacy business families. The book is a great primer for anyone involved in family businesses - from owners and family members to non-family managers and external advisors. Hubler has lived family business both personally and professionally, and he shares his knowledge generously. His book is a valuable, insightful gift to all business families and their advisors." - Aron R. Pervin, founder of Optimizer720 and family business consultant at Pervin Family Business Advisors Inc.

"Tom is a true sage in the field of family business. In reading this book, Tom brings out the soul and essence of what it means to be a family business. He describes in-depth all the issues that are so pertinent to family businesses. It is a must-read for all family business consultants!" - Carmen Bianchi, founder of Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates and founder and former director of the EMC Business Forum at San Diego State University and the University of Texas at El Paso Family Business Forum.

"I am very fortunate to have been a part of Tom's work for over 30 years. He has helped me in my professional career, as well as in my relationships with family and friends. He has expertly captured his lifelong vocation and identified the soul of family and family business in this book. Reading The Soul of Family Business will help you be a more thoughtful consultant, a more successful business owner and, most importantly, a better person." - Thomas E. Zanecchia, president of Wealth Management Consultants, Inc.

"Rooted in his upbringing, education and decades of experience, Tom Hubler has crafted his own style in helping business families reach their goals. The Soul of Family Business presents the tools, methods and examples for finding harmony and success in both the business and family, and shows the inner workings of how Tom helps clients find solutions they didn't know existed." - Jon Keimig, director of the University of St. Thomas Family Business Center

"What I find fascinating about the book is that it comes full circle back to Tom's original principles. This is a book about celebrating a family's 'heart' and its 'soul.' It is about caring for each other and appreciating each other. Tom's conviction is that we should focus foremost on the family relations with each other. If those are strong, the rest of the challenges can be met with confidence.We can all encourage families (and ourselves) to show and express the love of each other, the gratitude, appreciation and even forgiveness of each other. This focus will keep a family strong for multiple generations. Thank you to Tom for this timeless reminder." - Barbara Hauser, Editor, 
International Journal of Family Business.