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The Sales Pro

ISBN: 9781634131216
Binding: Paperback
Author: Paul Anderson
Pages: 208
Trim: 6.25 x 9.25 inches
Published: 4/7/2015

The Sales Pro delivers advanced highly effective techniques in a format that is innovative original and powerful in its ability to be quickly and easily understood.

Interactive review exercises can be tailored to your own sales cycle and market and reveal the proven sales techniques of the highest-paid professionals. These include establishing results-based objectives for every call and using open-ended questions to move the sale forward.

Exercises reinforce how a sales pro:

- Focuses on the law of numbers
- Completes customized and dynamic winning presentations
- Maneuvers customer objections
- Creates a platform that naturally leads to closing the sale
- Establishes differentiation to eliminate competition
- Positions customer buying criteria to close the sale
- Identifies major players influencers and decision makers
- Develops new business opportunities

These proven strategies will transform you into a pro in no time!

Paul Anderson's sales career started when he sold his way into a sales position for a Fortune 100 corporation although he was two years below the company's minimum age requirement. He immediately hit the ground running achieving Sales Rookie of the Year and continued to break all previous sales records earning over twenty sales awards a nomination for worldwide salesperson of the year and a seat on the prestigious sales advisory board. He was also elected a member of the order of sales excellence earning the title "Machine Not a Man"-all by the age of 25.

The selling skills and techniques that he uses and teaches every day have earned him the top sales position with multiple companies that sell products and services in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets and with sales cycles that are both long and short.

Paul has accumulated 25-plus years of top sales and leadership achievement. Paul resides in San Diego California with his wife and three children.