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The Sacred Sphere

ISBN: 9781592984060
Binding: Paperback
Author: Paul D. Burley
Published: 9/1/2010

The Sacred Sphere explores world mythologies cultural and religious philosophies and ethnographic records from around the world documenting the history of sacred symbols throughout the past two million years and analyzing sacred geometries expressed in many traditions including the architecture of ancient and indigenous cultures. Virtually every major religion today as well traditions first developed thousands of years ago use the same circular geometry to symbolize sacred relationships. Most importantly every one of those circular symbols represents a facet of a unique spherical geometry-a specific combination of nine circles forming the three-dimensional archetype from which those symbols derive. This is the Sacred Sphere. This 576 page book includes 178 illustrations 21 color plates and the book is fully indexed with notes references and a bibliography. For more information please visit

Paul D. Burley is an engineer and environmental geologist who has researched world mythology pictographic and architectural symbolism and sacred landscapes expressing spiritual traditions around the world. His journey to understand the meaning of Native American medicine wheels led him to study sacred symbolism exhibited by cultures over tens of thousands of years. His analysis of that symbolism has resulted in a new understanding of the sacred lifeway of ancient and indigenous peoples. Paul is the author of The Business Owner's Guide to Environmental Site Assessment. Paul and his wife reside in northern Minnesota.