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The Road Warrior's Guide to Sales Management

ISBN: 9781592981991
Binding: Paperback
Author: Tom Schaber
Pages: 151
Published: 6/30/2005

Learn from the Warrior:
- When to hire sales people or expand a sales organization
- How to find qualified sales professionals
- Sure-fire methods to select just the right person for sales
- Goal setting that really works
- Mentoring and coaching the sales professional
- How to fire a non-performer &ndash without being sued

So you've got a sales person or a sales force or you need sales help &ndash now what?

For the business owner: Learn how to translate your customer and product knowledge into effective growth strategies. The Road Warrior will take you through an easy-to-follow process helping you achieve business growth now!

For the sales manager: Learn how to foster a discipline of superior management and a deep understanding of human nature to create a top-flight sales team.

For anyone who wants to more about sales: Take the Road Warrior's no-nonsense direct approach to the sales management process with helpful hints you can implement immediately.

The Road Warrior's Guide to Sales Management is filled with down-to-earth tips on compensating motivating managing hiring and firing sales people

Tom Schaber has spent twenty years in the medical device industry--first as a salesperson and later as a regional sales manager national sales manager and vice president of sales. He is a sales management consultant in the Twin Cities Minnesota.