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The Reluctant Donor

ISBN: 9781592983315
Binding: Paperback
Author: Suzanne Ruff
Pages: 232
Published: 4/8/2010

The only sibling with healthy kidneys Suzanne is ambivalent about donating a kidney to a sister she's not even sure she likes-but she makes the offer. Eight family members including her mother have died from the disease. Now her sisters have PKD and each need kidney transplants. The Reluctant Donor exposes Suzanne's doubts raw fear and strong Irish Catholic family history. Her terror at the prospect of surgery is offset by her wonder at the small miracles that surround her. Inspired by her faith and the courage of those who came before her Suzanne Ruff navigates uncertainty with humor and honesty.

Suzanne Ruff believes that being a living donor is an intensely personal choice. She is delighted that her old kidney now happily resides in her sister's body. In the case of a sudden or unexpected death and during a family's worst nightmare she believes being an organ donor is one of the noblest things we can do.Suzanne continues to work for a cure for PKD and spread the word about the miracle of organ donation. She and her husband Bill live in Minnesota.