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The Religion that Started in a Hat

ISBN: 9781635050165
Binding: Paperback
Author: Jack Kettler
Trim: 8.5 x 11 inches
Published: 1/31/2017

The Religion That Started in a Hat: A Reference Manual for Christians Who Witness to Mormons is a clear presentation of Mormon beliefs and a thoroughly biblical apologetic that assists Christians in speaking intelligently with Mormons in defense of Christian orthodoxy.


Mr. Jack Kettler has worked in corporate America for over 37 years. In addition he has been a successful global top business builder in the field of nutritional marketing! He is a Certified Nutritional Wellness Consultant (GNWC) and a Certified Diplomat in Nutritional Education and Health. He has served as a ruling elder in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and is currently a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. He has had a number of articles published in the area of theology philosophy and politics. He is president of Kettler Wellness Inc. And the owner of Undergroundnotes.com a conservative web hub.