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The Red Flags I've (Repeatedly) Ignored: Love, Lust, + Lessons

ISBN: 9781737316374
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Brianna McCabe
Pages: 320
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 04/18/2023

Brianna McCabe, a marketing professional and professor, emerged from her treacherous twenties with enough lessons about love to fill a book. So she decided to write one. After all, she couldn't keep all that she learned to herself.

In this semi-autobiographical (ish) self-help book, Brianna puts herself on the line in the hopes of cracking the code on sex, love, and relationships, but instead learns what it means to actually love herself. She navigates the dating scene-eliminating potential boyfriends one red flag at a time-and shares all of her funny, raw, and real details with readers along the way.

McCabe's soul-baring book, The Red Flags I've (Repeatedly) Ignored, explores the relationship danger signs that she failed to see. Well, maybe sometimes she did notice some red flags, but she ended up disregarding her gut instincts that told her to flee the person or situation, anyway... but why?

McCabe digs deep in this semi-autobiographical (ish)-meets-self-help book to understand her own choices that led to heart aching and breaking by answering some critical questions - and further providing an action plan for not just herself, but readers along her self-exploratory journey.

McCabe wrote this book to heal from her own wounds, such as abandonment and "daddy issues," being bullied as a child for being overweight, feeling insecure and only attracting men who further exacerbated her insecurities, and growing up in a dysfunctional environment for a period of her life. Initially, she struggled to understand the roots of her insecurities. However, as she develops a greater understanding of herself, McCabe has learned to not only heal, but to build upon her unique strengths. By offering a self-love roadmap to readers through The Red Flags I've (Repeatedly) Ignored, she hopes to inspire others to do the same.

McCabe eventually learns that to first enjoy the comforting embrace of a romantic lover, you must first embrace your own true self. Join McCabe, her friends, her family members and, yes, her lovers as she navigates this almost universally tumultuous decade with compassion and humor. She turns raunchy rendezvous, roller coaster relationships, and rock-bottom moments into real revelations.


Brianna McCabe, MBA, is a marketing professional, professor, author and podcast host with a quirky vibe, wholesome heart, electric personality, comforting smile, inquisitive mind and old soul. She is a driven, well-rounded woman who is committed to maneuvering life with kindness, passion and balance.

Brianna graduated from Monmouth University, NJ, with a Master of Business Administration in 2019 and Bachelor's in Journalism/Public Relations in 2015.

Her book, The Red Flags I've (Repeatedly) Ignored, is a semi-autobiographical (ish) meets self-help book published by Inspired Girl Publishing Group.


"This book is entertaining, witty, shocking, and thought-provoking. I know Brianna is the real deal and wants to help others because there are as many lessons as there are laughs." - Tracey Morgan, Actor and Comedian

"An inspiring look at relationship red flags, written with candor and power." - Publishers Weekly

"McCabe offers compassionate reflections on her previous actions as well as clear boundaries for future situations. Framed within the space of working with a therapist, various red flags that (in her case) were exhibited by men are analyzed through her rationalizing, ignoring or sometimes heeding of these signs. As a reader, this breakdown is entertaining and educational. It is easy to empathize with her as protagonist and to hope that she learns from these experiences as the book progresses. The book comes with trigger warnings for sexual content and stories of abuse. Even though many of the stories are extremely explicit, McCabe shares these sexual coming-of-age experiences in order to reevaluate undesirable situations, not for the purpose of erotica. In this way, her stories are very powerful and bring to mind The Vagina Monologues or some of the writing in my other posts on recent feminist texts." - Lindsey M. Jones