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Literature & Fiction - Contemporary Politics & Social Sciences - Sociology

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The Pond

ISBN: 9780979846700
Binding: Paperback
Author: John K. Kriger
Pages: 95
Trim: 5 x 8 inches
Published: 12/1/2007

The Pond is an engaging simple fable written to help generate positive ideas and actions toward maintaining functional organizations and successful transitions during times of change.

When a community of animals living in a once peaceful stable pond find themselves confronted with the awareness of an ever changing world they become afraid indecisive panicky and quarrelsome. They soon realize that only when they are willing to undertake reasonable risks and consider changing their thinking are their individual and organizational capabilities awakened.
The animals soon learn that new thinking brings about new and positive results making the process of change empowering and exciting.

Change in organizations whether in the workplace community groups or even in family life is inevitable. While some welcome change and thrive on the opportunities it presents many find it difficult to move ahead imagining the worst along a road filled with insurmountable risk. Change management can be a challenge even for those with experience as each case is unique.But for managers leaders human resource professionals and anyone seeking tools for themselves and their teams the story of The Pond provides insights and tools to assist in maintaining a “pristine pond” or in transforming a “stagnant swamp.” Change can be successful when there is hope in the midst of uncertainty. Through learning how to look at things anew you can truly awaken your potential.

John K. Kriger is the President of Kriger Consulting Inc. Along with his consulting team he provides organizational training and management consulting services for corporations national organizations numerous federal and local government departments nonprofits school districts universities communities and faith based organizations. He is currently a member of the ASTD and Toastmasters International. John resides in Burlington New Jersey.