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The Parent Track: Work-Life Balance Hacks to Elevate Your Career and Raise Good Humans

ISBN: 9781634892933
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Christine Sandman Stone
Pages: 208
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 3/10/2020

Being a heavy-hitter at work and a great parent aren't always competing goals: in many cases, they build on the same set of strengths. It is possible for working parents not just to get by, but to thrive. After raising four children while moving up in the competitive world of technology, Christine Sandman Stone has compiled an authentic, funny, and realistic resource to help parents succeed in all areas of their lives. In these pages, you'll learn simple phrases to manage expectations at work, the formula for an effective time-out, and how to build and activate a network to help both at work and at home. Through advice, anecdotes, and "hacks" - unexpected solutions to common problems - The Parent Track aims to accelerate a new generation of parents, helping them grow as individuals, increase profits at work, and raise good humans.


Christine Sandman Stone is a leader in information technology, parent of four, partner of one, and mentor to many. She speaks and writes on numerous topics, including strategic technology planning, developing IT talent, and successful hacks for progress in work and raising children. She lives in Chicago with her husband.


"Christine speaks and shares with a great level of honesty, humility, and connection that it is almost impossible for anyone not to be drawn in by her stories and clear nuggets of wisdom and guidance." - Corey Flournoy, global head of inclusion and diversity at Groupon

"A powerful summary of 'parenting hacks' and leadership advice written in a humorous and heart-warming way." - Kelley Berlin, senior vice president of people at Grubhub

"Packed with wisdom, practicality, and a dose of humor, The Parent Track has something for everyone . . . A must read for anyone who wishes not only to survive, but thrive." - Megan McCann, CEO and founder of McCann Partners

"A refreshingly honest and practical dive into modern working parenthood. . . An incredible blueprint for finding success in work and life." - Leslie Vickrey, CEO and founder of ClearEdge Marketing