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The Other Side of The Curtain

ISBN: 9780976258247
Binding: Paperback
Author: Nadia Judith Bijaoui
Pages: 274 pages
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 8/10/2017

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The Other Side of The Curtain is an amazing non-fiction story of coma survival after a motorcycle accident! Instead of a fatal statistic, this book delivers messages of prevention at any stage, hope, tenacity, and triumph. It’s also an introduction of the power of dreams. Her voyage to The Other Side of The Curtain was announced by a premonition dream.

The author loved living in the South of France and studying French literature and poetry, until the riots of May 1968. After one year of torments, consequences of the political events of May 1968, she was pronounced dead after a serious motorcycle accident in 1969. Yet, she entered a three-month coma. A couple of years later, she moved to the United States, trying to forget about it. But there are things in life that one cannot forget, especially with the guilt of still being alive when meeting or hearing about families of teens who died in accidents.

Eventually she acknowledged what she wanted once to disregard from her life. Driven by the urge to understand her recovery, “Why did I survive the way I did?” became her secret search. She found Seven Elements. Some of those elements started in her early childhood in Tunisia, orientating the two first parts of this book as a case study and a memoir at the same time.

While Seven Elements demystifies her survival and total recovery within a scientific breakdown, Seven dreams illustrate further her narrative. Bijaoui post-analyzed the seven dreams narrated in her book, including the premonition dream of her accident and of her voyage to The Other Side of The Curtain.

The creative integration of her dreams to research fuses a dimension of surrealism into science. Her perceptivity and her knowledge in dream science attracted other scientists to research: Can dream science be used to elicit healthy behaviors? Bijaoui’s research was published by The International Journal of Dream Research. In this research, she resolved the mystery of the paradox of the REM sleep; which has not been contested yet by other scientists.

Reaching out to the non-scientific community, Bijaoui designed Discover Your Nightlife! Dream Mysteries Decoded, now an online class to assist others in decoding their dreams. In dreamland, a little voice trying to reach out to us... What is it saying? The Other Side of the Curtain is a highly recommended class material.


Nadia Judith Bijaoui was born in Tunisia (French Protectorate at the time) where her father was head of La Gendarmerie, French military base. She was 5 when her family moved to Paris, then Nice, and Marseille. Trying to forget an accident that left her clinically dead at 18, she moved to the US at 20, California first, then the Mid West. Unable to disregard a past that she was first escaping, and which was blurred by amnesia, her quest to understand her survival after a 3-month coma guided her academic and professional paths. Dr. Bijaoui holds degrees in fields that helped her understand and explain her recovery. Her dream research is based on science, Freud, and the book 7 dreams. She stated, “Professionally and personally, I value the relationship between mind, body, and emotions”. Her search led her into the creation of Bio Health Education to give a practical framework to the theories and programs that made so much sense to her, but that most people didn’t know, unless in academic settings.


“From her childhood in Tunisia and France, to a devastating motorcycle accident, to the dreams that led to her higher self, Bijaoui’s narrative tells an emotional true tale of recovery, love, and faith. Her story is as inspiring as it is jaw dropping.

Her unique model for her book leads the reader into various doorways of her life at different time periods, which offers an intriguing glimpse inside the thought process and dreams she experienced throughout the years. The interconnectedness of her seemingly unrelated experiences is fascinating; her attitude and outlook on the world are equally mesmerizing.

Bijaoui spent her early childhood in the then-French-controlled colony of Tunisia, where she was exposed to the realities of a cruel world. Childhood memories, both good and painful, blur into that tragic night in 1969. A motorcycle crash sent Bijaoui flying 36 meters, and she landed on the pavement without a helmet and was pronounced dead. She writes about her time in French hospitals, the vivid dream she had about her three-month coma, the spiritual aspects of being in that transcendental state.

Bijaoui also details the time spent decades later undergoing an emotional and psychological healing that she did not allow herself to engage in immediately after the accident. It is during this time period that she evaluates her dreams, some of them profoundly prophetic, and looks back at her life with a clear mind and open heart; she evaluated her dreams, some of them profoundly prophetic. She sought the ultimate recovery, which took her into her own psyche and to healers who extracted years of deep, buried pain that still existed in her once-broken body.

The Other Side of The Curtain is a compelling memoir of a woman whose life has been dotted with both joy and tragedy, but always with courage. Spirituality mixes with shocking true tales and the history of the past in her memorable book.

Bijaoui grew up in the South of France. She moved to the United States to escape the memories of her motorcycle crash. Currently she leads psycho-educational groups and workshops that focus on topics such as dream analysis, acculturation stress and post-traumatic stress disorder.” — AuthorHouse, 2009

“A Mystery from a real life experience that may help you making sense of your own life.” — Tony Batocchio, English instructor, Saint Tropez, France (2009)