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The Mystic Symbol

ISBN: 9780970398543
Published: 10/1/2004

An expanded edition of the original classic long out-of-print The Mystic Symbol describes thousands of Christian inscribed tablets unearthed across Michigan. The Michigan Mound Builders left behind 10,000 to 30,000 artifacts as a testament to their presence in North America. Mound burials have yielded evidence of a culture with Eastern Hemisphere influence in their spiritual and everyday life. Controversy has engulfed this find of artifacts mainly because they were here before Columbus of 1492 which is unacceptable to our academics today. Nevertheless the Michigan artifacts continue to surface even today in the state of Michigan. This is fascinating look into North America’s diverse history.

Henriette Mertz has championed the cause for authenticity of these numerous and unusual tablets tools and weapons of this mysterious people. Who they are and when they came is theorized by Mertz with a companion addendum of the current supporters to her original work.