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Literature & Fiction - Contemporary

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The L Word

ISBN: 9781592980659
Binding: Paperback
Author: Nick Sampair
Pages: 440

In 1983 terrorists destroyed the U.S. Embassy in Beirut killing 87 people Ethiopians were starving en masse and the Cold War still raged. But largely oblivious to these global events three twenty-year-old friends were relishing another carefree summer in their hometown on the outskirts of Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota. They caroused on the waters of White Bear Lake and in the surrounding haunts and nightclubs reveling in youth's bountiful freedom. However underneath their reckless and somewhat shallow exteriors were varying levels of subtle developing maturity. Their self-absorption was slowly evolving toward introspection and as they reflected on their lives and the lives of those around them their individual perspectives were ever broadening-whether looking back a few days a few weeks or an entire lifetime.

Tom Bremmer is the good-natured all-American type who unwittingly falls in love for the first time when drawn from his comfortable circle by a worldly newcomer Samina Kozlak. The wealthy Jasper Timmons presents a dark contrast to Tom and Sam's budding romance having experienced a troubling heartbreak that leaves him struggling to cope with the carnage of its aftermath. Then there's Chuck Semper firmly grounded standing strong in their midst.

This is their "coming of age" story. Together by summer's end they will reach a jumping-off point where they must each face their future and follow their own unique and diverging path through life...and love.

Nick Sampair grew up in Minnesota and received a degree in finance from the University of St. Thomas. After many years of living and working in the mountains of Colorado he decided to return home. He also holds a degree in mixology from the Minnesota School of Bartending.