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The Hub: A City Amongst the Waste

ISBN: 9781643435558
Binding: Paperback
Author: Aaron C. Lemke
Pages: 280
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published:  05/21/2024

Three hundred years after the rich and powerful fled for Mars, the Earth has become a wasteland, ravaged by apocalyptic storms and swarming with mutated creatures. Yet it is not entirely abandoned—for the discontents left behind by their corporate masters continue to struggle for survival, no matter how brutal the conditions.

One of these castaways, Jack Erdman, has woken from hibernation with nothing but his wits and some meager gear to keep him alive in the face of constant terror and death. Across the sea, a group of companions are trying their best to escape what civilization is left, caught between two militias in a battle for dominance over the scrap heap. What these survivors have in common is their desperation to make a better world, even in the face of hideous odds. And other people might be their only chance—or their certain doom.

Rigorous in its depiction of the mechanics of survival, The Hub is a propulsive, defiant story of the human spirit and its endurance, even at the end of the world.


Aaron C. Lemke was born in 1998. A native of Minnesota, Aaron graduated from Fergus Falls High School in 2016. Aaron loved the outdoors and traveling and was an avid reader and in constant pursuit of knowledge. He was also a storyteller from an early age, and in high school he developed his passion for writing. Aaron's first short story, "The Traffic Stop," was well received by family and friends. Encouraged by this, he went on to write multiple novels and short stories. The Hub: A City Amongst the Waste was completed in 2017. Aaron was preparing to leave for basic training through the delayed entry program with the Marine Corps. Unfortunately, Aaron passed away in 2018.