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The Home Stretch: North of 80 - One Step at a Time

ISBN: 9781947237353
Binding: Paperback
Author: Dave Nimmer
Pages: 172
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 10/5/2021

Journalist Dave Nimmer won a Minnesota Book Award back in 1992 for a personal narrative called The Journey Goes On. Thirty years later, decidedly older and slower, slightly battered and bruised, but hopefully also stronger and wiser, he's back with The Home Stretch.

During the decades since that early success, he lost friends, chased dreams, and learned lessons—sometimes the hard way. In this collection of essays he explores the process of aging with humor and compassion, relating adventures with friends, attempts to master new crafts, parting with long-time fishing buddies, mentoring young writers, volunteering at a homeless shelter, dealing with the last few days in the life of a much-loved but ailing dog, hiking the Grand Canyon, and a variety of other adventures and "senior" moments.

Raised in a small town in Wisconsin, in one essay he reflects nostalgically on his first trip to the metropolis of Milwaukee. Others recount his battles with cancer and addiction. Several focus on local "characters" Nim has worked with as a reporter and come to admire. He also returns more than once to the issues of arrogance and personal failure, examining how his sense of compassion has grown as his need to call the shots and "get ahead" has dwindled. The result is a collection full of wisdom, humor, humanity, and local color that readers of all ages will enjoy.


Dave Nimmer was born and raised in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, graduated from the University of Wisconsin, and moved to Minnesota in 1963. He worked as a reporter and managing editor for the Minneapolis Star, became a reporter and assistant news director at WCCO Television, and taught journalism at the University of St. Thomas for 11 years.

Now retired, Nimmer lives in Oakdale, Minnesota. He is active as a volunteer with the Visitation Monastery of North Minneapolis and the North4 program of Emerge, a non-profit involved in workforce training and community development in Minneapolis. In his spare time, Nim likes to hike, fish, and do yard work for his friend and partner at her home in Hudson, Wisconsin. Among the items he carries around are an AARP card, a fishing license, and a lifetime pass to America's national parks.