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The Heart Brain

ISBN: 9780998357539
Binding: Paperback
Author: Catherine Athans & Marie France-Louvel
Pages: 118
Trim: 7.5 x 9.5 inches
Published: 04/01/2018

During the embryonic stage, before your brain was created, you were all heart. The brain formed from the heart, not in reverse. In Chinese medicine the heart is a bridge between the mind and the body. In most ancient societies, creation begins with the heart, not the mind. When you manifest the world of form from the heart instead of the mind, you are accessing limitless power. Literally whatever your heart desires is within your reach. In The Heart Brain you will learn to regain a close relationship with your heart, listen to your heart and receive the bounty of your efforts in ways that at the moment may seem unimaginable. Heart based creativity, however, is limitless, loving, and kind.


Dr. Catherine Athans has dedicated her life to supporting individuals wishing to dissolve their negative, deep embedded programs - and open to the Love, Light, and Truth in the Universe.

She is a licensed psychotherapist, marriage-family therapist, metaphysics expert, author, speaker & life coach.

Dr. Athans employs her 30+ years of highly developed intuitive skills, as well as her vast clinical knowledge and experience to gracefully open the way for people to grow and flourish.

She has been heard on more than 690 radio stations including cities across the country such as Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, Sacramento, San Diego, Tampa, Vegas and featured as an expert in Huffington Post, Livestrong, and Good Housekeeping.

Dr. Athans has written over 9 books, her most recent Love, I Am, guiding individuals along their personal journey of reconnecting with their highest self and manifesting the life they desire.


Marie-France Louvel received her training at the most prestigious center for speech therapy, the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de la Salpetriere, Paris, France. She further trained with the esteemed Madame Denise Sadek-Khalil at Hospitalier de St. Vincent de Paul. Marie-France has earned the highest awards in France for speech therapy and for evaluation of dyslexia. Currently she is practicing speech therapy and evaluation of dyslexia in Los Altos, California.


"Dr. Catherine Athans reminds us that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe! Through her loving, caring words, she crafts a plan that works to help the seeker find the truth to bring health, wealth, and happiness - right now! The Heart Brain explains a simple method that each person can use, by themselves, to find their true wisdom and knowledge." - John Gray, Ph.D

"We have been taught that the heart is the strongest muscle in the body. What we have not been taught, until The Heart Brain, is that the heart holds the wisdom of all the body and of the ages. It is the heart that tells the brain what it needs to know - not the reverse. This simple but powerful book will help you take advantage of this important new discovery." - Jack Canfield